Minsk Records Translations Status Update #belarus


I have just received word >from our extremely capable translator,
that he has translated the names for the 1906 Minsk birth records.
There are 1,235 birth records in this group.

He still has to translate the additional miscellaneous data that
is included on the records, which appears in the comments and
other town columns of the spreadsheet. The 1906 records are very
significant because this was right in the middle of the period of
mass immigration >from the country. It will likely include names
of people who never immigrated to the US and other countries.
While some of the people who never immigrated were killed during
the Holocaust (Great Patriotic War), others were able to move to
different parts of the former Soviet Union after the Russian
Revolution in 1917, and you may discover you have relatives that
are living in Moscow and other places, as well as some who moved
to Israel, the US, etc. during exodus of Jews >from the Soviet Union
in more recent times.

It should also be mentioned that the Minsk records that are now
being translated are not in any of the archives in Belarus and
are not in the FHL.

In order to continue this translation project,
"Minsk Gubernia: Revision Lists and Metrical Records Project",
which is the 10th project listed on:

To make a contribution, please go to the URL above and make a
generous donation.

Some SIG members have already contributed $100 or more and have received
the Excel files for the Minsk records that have already been translated.
You will continue to receive future files as they are translated.
However, the volume of records that need to be translated needs your
continued financial support. Please consider making another donation
to the project.

Thanks in advance for your support.


David Fox
Belarus SIG Founder & Past Coordinator
Arnold, Maryland, USA

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