"Gomel (Belarus) Catalog Jewish Cemeteries" #belarus

Marilyn Robinson

On this Russian language site there are 15,000+ burials listed and some
photos. Names, birth & death years are included. Burials are listed by
sections (left side of page---Bobruisk, Branch, Osovets, Prudkovskii,
Cherchersk, South 1, South 2, "Show all burials"). If you click on
"show all burials" there are alphabetical choices at the top of the page
(beneath the photo) and page #s are below that. I used Firefox and
Google translator to read the English--(for some reason Chrome didn't
access the site) The home page can be found

These are a few examples: "Abelev Honon Abramovich 1883-1951, Abelian
Bela Abramovna 1902-1976 ,Abelian Ida Leybovna 1901-1975 ,Yakovlev, PA
1920-1987 ,Yalovik VE 1963-1993 ,Yalovitser Bentsian Fayvelevich
1905-1987, Tabakin Jacob Matveevich 1907-1985, Rabenchik Abram
Movshevich 1877-1959, Rabenshteyn Rohul Melahovna 1892-1958,Raber,
Joseph L. 1896-1975, Saveliev Thekla Trofimovna 1903-1981, Abram I.
Sadowski 1936-1958"

Marilyn Robinson

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