Yiddish names of KUJAWSKI ancestors in Lodz, Poland #general

Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

I just reviewed the Holocaust testimonial of my late cousin, Martin WINTER
(otherwise known as KUJAWSKI). This was a two-hour video interview conducted
circa 1993.

On the screen were the names of what were referred to as Martin's "biological
family": these included Esther, Fevia, Hanka, and Renau (presumably spelled
phonetically, based on what Martin told the interviewer). Because they were not the
names of Martin's siblings I'm assuming they were of an older generation.

I just did a search for Fevia, Hanka, and Renau KUJAWSKI in the JRI-Poland database
for Lodz, Poland using the "Sounds like" feature. My search was unsuccessful,
possibly because they weren't their officially recorded (that is, if registered)
names but rather those used within the family circle (nicknames).

Can anyone tell me what the formal (secular and/or Hebrew) versions of those names
might be?

Naidia Woolf
Formerly of Birmingham, England
Now, resident of San Francisco, CA, USA

Researching (KUJAWSKI related only)
KUJAWSKI, WINTER, SUMMER (or equivalent), ZISMAN / SUSSMAN: Lodz, Kalisz, Poland
KAUFMAN, Lodz, Poland KRAWIECKI, Lodz?, Poland MICHALACZ, Lodz?, Poland
SAT, Lodz?, Poland ZONENBERG, Lodz, Poland

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