Re: Word/name on matzevah #general

Joseph Hirschfield

V' Chaya is Sura's, mothers name. "v" stands for "and" so the names are
those of her father AND mother. Often the mother's name is not indicated on
a tombstone in Hebrew, but in this case it was.

Joseph Hirschfield
Portage, MI USA
Herszfeld, Hirschfeld, Buchsbaum, Lindenbaum-Sielec Bienkow, Gliniany,
Skwarzawa, Jaryczow Nowy-GALICIA
MINOFF, MINOWICKI, MINOWITZKI-Brest Litovsk, Wysoka Litovsk-BELARUS writes:
I have a picture of a woman's matzevah with the name Sura bat Yisraeyl
v'chaya (vav-chet-yud-heh). I know that Chaya means life, but what would be
the significance of this word AFTER the father's name on the tombstone?

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