Jennie and Barney COHEN #general

David Syner

Subject: Jennie and Barney COHEN, SYNER / ZINER

This is a continuation of my posting back in April and Aug (which I posted
a mistake in research).

I finally had a bit of a break though, thank to research done by Judith
Langer-Surnamer Caplan.
I learned that Eleazner "Louis" ZINER and Elka KATZ-ZINER Had also a daughter
Jennie SYNER born 1879 married Barney COHEN March 16, 1903 New York City.
It's appears that a Jennie died either Feb 1969 or Oct 1969
Barney COHEN died Oct 1965 born May 15, 1875 both living in Brooklyn, NY.

Ring any bells..please contact me
Thanks in advance.

David Syner
Los Angeles, CA

Researching SINER/ZINNER New York, Russia SCHMALTZ / SCHMALZNew York,
Detroit Luna,Grodno, Stoll, Rudman, Carbella;Russia ( Grodno is now Hrodna,
Detroit BELENKY / BIELINKA / BELLINSKY Libau, Latvia , Mohilew NEWMAN Detroit
NEIMAN/NUONAW/ PENICA / PENITZ Krasosielc, Poland, Warshaw MELTZER,Detroit,
Katrinslove or Poltavia or Gatrinslove (sp), Russia,

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