Re: Questions about Jewish village populations #belarus

Joel Ratner

The population of Golynka and other towns and villages of Suwalki gubernia can
be found in "Pamyatnaia Knizhka Suvalkskoi Gubernia 1887" (Memorial Book Suvalki
Gubernia 1887). This book was uploaded and temporarily made available to
researchers several months ago.

I did a lookup in the table for Golynka under Augustovski uyezd and found
the population to consist of 572 men and 540 women.

Joel Ratner

From: Remicks <ralph.remick@...> Mon, 26 Sep 2011
Questions: What are the sources for the 1900 Jewish village population counts
on JewishGen Census? If so, are these census reports online? Where can I find
the total populations of these towns and cities to determine the Jewish
percentage? I visited some of these villages in 1997 and Golynka probably
does not even have a population of 100 if that. Were there Jewish shtetls next
to these villages that no longer exist? I did not find any Jewish cemeteries
near Golynka. Are there websites with more information about these small
villages and history of this area?

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