Who is Celia MILLER? #general

Dorothy Bernstein <dor5094@...>

Hi to all
In the 1920 Michigan census records my great uncle Uriah Steinborn and his
wife have living with teem in Alpena MI their married daughter Lena and her
husband Arthur Fivenson. Also living with the family is 14 year old Celia
Miller listed as a niece.
The only other place I found A Celia Miller is 10 years earlier 4 year old
Celia Miller living in Alpena with parents <Mike and Bertha and 2 siblings.
However is this my Celia?
The family had settled in Bay City before Alpena and the cemeteries at\in
both towns show a lot of Millers but no Mike or Bertha. I have not found a
relationship of Millers to either Steinborn, Fivenson (contacted various
family members) So I have no idea who the Miller family is. I have tried
Jewishgen and Ancestry and no such relationship. Any suggestions or ideas
would be appreciated.
Dorothy Balkin Bernstein
Delray Beach, FL (formerly Chicago)
researching:BALKIN, STEINBORN, WEINBERG, MALER, all Latvia (Courland)

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