Family missing from 1920 US census #general

David Scriven

I've been taking advantage of the free access on to
the 1920 US census to look for a POMERANZ family that lived at or
near 120 east 8 street, New York, NY. (the street no. may be in doubt)
The known family are
Elias b Aug 1907
Samuel b May 1911
Ruth b Dec 1912
Esther b Nov 1919
Annie (mother) b 1888
The father, Max or Mendel, was b 1879

I've done a search and I can't find a family that fits. Members of the
family have told me that Esther was born in, and grew up on, 8th street,
so I would expect to find them there. Samuel, Ruth and Esther's
birthdates I've confirmed using the Social Security Death Index. I tried
all the variants of Pomeranz I could think of and even tried entering
the names without a surname - no luck. My last shot would be to find the
page that covers 8th Street, but the census seems to be broken into
Assembly Districts and Districts and I have no idea which district east
8th street would be in.

I'd be grateful for any help or advice.

David Scriven

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