Phila. Jewish Exponent Obituary Database - looking for LEVY #general

Jonathan Borchard <JonBorchard@...>

I was wondering if anyone has access to the The Philadelphia Jewish Exponent
Obituary Database as a relative of mine is apparently mentioned. If you have, is it
possible to get me a copy? I am in London so cant visit Philadelphia or another
library with access.

His name was Barney J. LEVY I don't have a date of death but its after 1925. He was
born London in 1860.

His wife was Galla LEVY born London 1869 - no idea when she died but probably
between 1910 and 1920. If there is an obituary for her would love a copy as well!

They had two children -
Joseph A. LEVY born Philadelphia November 1887. He might have been know under the
name Josh?
Leon C LEVY also born Philadelphia in February 1889. I don't know what happened to
them after 1910 census when they were living with their parents and unmarried. If
anyone knows how to trace them your help gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks

Jonathan Borchard, London

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