Images or information on NYC locations #general

Stuart Ungar

Hi all,

I have a WW 1 draft registration card >from my maternal grandfather, Julius
Eisenberg. It lists both his place of residence and place of employment at the
time. I am wondering if anyone in NYC can give me more information on what the
location is like now (and was like back then). Also, photos of how these addresses
look now and (I don't know if this is possible) but photographs of those locations
from back then... would be amazing for me and my family to see. And, any
information on the business would be helpful too.

Residence - 270 E. 4th Street NYC
Place of employment - Gotham Novelty Co., 37 W. 76th Street, NYC

You can email me offline for this at: stuartungar@.... I can also email a copy
of the registration card if that is helpful (as the text is not very clear for me
to read).

Thank you,
Stuart Ungar

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