Calendar changes affecting dates... #belarus

Martha Forsyth

I've found that not everyone knows about the calendar changes >from the
Julian calendar to the Gregorian. I am FAR >from an expert myself, but I
do know that dates in Eastern Europe and the Russian Empire can be "off"
because the Gregorian calendar, adopted in most of the rest of Europe in
the late 1500's, was not adopted there until 1918! By that time there
was a discrepancy of about 14 days between the calendars. Check out, specifically

Steve Morse's will enable you to
convert dates >from Julian to Gregorian and vice versa. For example, NOW
I'm beginning to realize why my grandfather (born "25 Dec 1877" in
Gomel, sometimes has his birth date shown as 1878 - if that original
date was given by the Julian calendar, the corresponding Gregorian
calendar date was 6 Jan 1878!

Now, how you can tell which calendar was being anybody's
guess. my own hunch being that a person's memory and any written records
would be using the Julian calendar - but -

All I want to do is to alert you to the discrepancy, and share a way to
interpret it.

Martha (Schecter) Forsyth
Newton, MA

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