organized genealogy trip to Belarus/Lithuania #belarus


Hi Harriet.....even though it says to respond privately I think this
message would be interesting to many people......

Two summers ago I went on a trip to Lithuania with a group >from the
Litvak SIG. Fabulous. After a while we were provided translators
and drivers and we all split up to visit our ancestral shtetls in
Lith, Belarus, etc. My grandmother was born not too far >from Slonim
in Belarus (I saw a sign for Slonim) and I went with one other woman
to this town for two days.

They do all the planning and we met with the Jewish community in
Vilna and saw a lot of sights. Go on this link and check it out.

In fact, some of the Belarus records are housed in the Vilna archives
(some are in Grodno -- go there if you can) and we went there too.
All the people on the trip are genealogists (amateur) looking for roots.

Susan Stone
Evanston, IL

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