WW2 Enlistment Card #general

Lawrence Weintraub

Dear Friends:

As many of you searching for WW2 Army records for family have found,
they were mostly destroyed in a fire in St. Louis many years ago. I
had ordered "reconstructed" records which consisted of the pay voucher
upon my father's discharge and an IBM punch card when he enlisted. A
copy (sorry for the poor scan quality) is linked. While I can read
most of the punched numbers, I cannot ascertain the data fields to
know what they mean and the National Personnel Records Center which
sent them was of no help. I am looking for a maven on these cards who
can identify the fields themselves, beyond the obvious name, rank and
serial number.


Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.
Thank you.
Lawrence Weintraub
Hicksville, NY

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