Re: Naturalization papers of minors #general

Judy Salomon

Stew Driller asked
"My question is whether this situation is unusual. Should her name have
appeared on my grandfather's certificate or should she have been issued
one at the time? How did a minor prove his citizenship. I guess the
same question applies to wives before 1922."

I can only tell you that my father completed a 3 page application for a
certificate showing that he had derivative citizenship. He submitted his
school record and his parents marriage certificate as proof with the

My father did this in 1944(age 33) and his father had become a citizen
in 1924. The actual certificate he received stated it was derivative
citizenship. According to the form, one could receive derivative
citizenship by reason of
Naturalization of my father/mother
Marriage of my mother to my stepfather
Marriage to a citizen husband
Naturalization of my husband during our marriage
Resumption of citizenship by my mother.

Judy Salomon
New Jersey

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