In search of Zelig Kost from Rakov #general

David Laskin

Zelig Kost was a Holocaust survivor >from Rakov (presentday Belarus) who wrote
movingly about returning to the shtetl in 1944 and coming upon the ruins of the
synagogue where so many died. His account can be found here: One of my mother's cousins told
me recently that Kost was related to us, possibly through my maternal GGM Sarah
Cohen (nee Gishe Sore Kagan or Shapiro). I was also told that after emigrating to
the US, Kost went to work for the Maidenform Bra Company, which was founded by my
great aunt. If anyone has any knowledge of Zelig Kost, his place of residence in the
US or descendants, I'd love to hear >from you.
Thanks! David Laskin, Seattle, WA

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