Re: Given name Sarah Lvyah #general

Pamela Weisberger

Avrum Geller asked:
I found the first and second name Sarah Lvyah [Bat R' Binymin] on a tombstone, and
I am not previously familiar with the second given name: Lamed-Beit-Yud-Alef-Hei.

The Hebrew name could derive >from "Liba" (loved, loved one) as in the
surnames/given names Liebman, Lippman, or Lev (heart).

As for Chaya/Sara, could easily be explained in the same ways as countless stories
collected on this list over time like how "Esther" became "Sophie" or two sisters
with the given names "Chaya" and "Jocheved" both ended up being called "Hatty" in
the US, or perhaps it was simply a mispronunciation that got carried over into
print. Which is to say that any and all explanations are possible, especially when
it comes to women's names evolving over time. Often Chaya became Eva (and many
Zlatta's became Sara's (or vice versa) in the US, but again, no hard and fast
rules. I have a "Szerena" Hungarian grandmother, whose Hebrew name was "Sarah"
who became "Sadie" when she enrolled in school. Baila became Bertha and Betty.
Ruchel became Rose, Leah, Lillie, and so on....

Pamela Weisberger
Santa Monica, CA

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