Zolty Family in 1937 In Grodno #general


I give you informations about of Abram and Icek Zolty in your city in
1937(to see : http://www.grodnoonline.org/Grodno_Contributors_1937.pdf).
In 1937, Abram Zolty lived in Orzeszkowej street no18; I know Orezszkowej
street exists always. Abram Zolty was bricklayer in Grodno. Icek Zolty lived
in Vitoldowa street no 25, Icek Zolty was farmer in Grodno.

On the Yiskor Book, there is not Abram and Icek Zolty. I would to know if in
your archives (Year : 1937), you can to find Abram and Icek Zolty taken a
census (to take a census of) in Grodno, because I would like their date of
birth and their place of birth ?

I have some information about Zolti in Grodno.

Zolty Abram 1893 Orzeszkowej 18 murarz

Zolty Bejla 1890? Orzeszkowej 18 gosp.dom

Zolty Icek Witoldowa 25 farmac.

Zolty Josiel 1886 Zdunska 3 szewc

Abram (born 1893) and Bejla (born 1890?) lived at the same address. Perhaps
married? This is >from voting records of 1939.

He was a "murarz" or bricklayer.

Icek was a farmac. (which is a pharmacist - not a farmer). I have no
birthdate for him. This is >from the 1937 list of contributors.

Josiel (born 1886) >from Zdunska Street is >from a list of Jewish craftsmen
compiled for the Germans (Nazis) in Oct-Nov 1941.

He was a shoemaker.

Best regards,

Franck de Almeida (Zolty)

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