Re: Help with patronymics and cemetery record #general


Granted that your probably dealing with the same family, you still
only have names, but no dates or places.

Clearly, Mordechai ben Chaim is not the same person as Mordechai ben Yosef
Aryeh, but since names "run in families", he could be a cousin or nephew.

I think that some, even approximated, dates might help to sort this out.

tom klein, Toronto

David Schreiber <> wrote:

I have just found what appears to be a newly entered record in the JOWBR
database for a Mordechai GOKILO which looking at the Hebrew on the
headstone in Israel URL: and given how uncommon this
family of names is, Mordechai seems to be one of the people in the Kiev
Duma database records

Name Patronymic
GUKAJLO, Mordko Khaimov
GUKAJLO, Arij Srulev
GUKAJLO, Alter Mordkov
GUKAJLO, Mordko Khaimov
GUKAILO, Nukhim Moishe

However, the Gokilo record says that Mordechai's father's name was Yosef
Aryeh. The Mordko Gukajlo records say, if I understand patronymics
correctly, that his father was Khaim. One of the people here is Arij which
would seem to be close to the name Yosef Aryeh, but then this couldn't be
Mordechai's father.

My maternal grandfather's records seem to indicate that his father's name
was Chaim Aron, which I suppose could have made him Mordko's brother, but
then there's that inconsistency with Yosef Aryeh. In any case, all of these
people seem to have been located within a reasonably short distance of Uman
and Buki. Can anyone help me resolve these records?

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