Probate look-up request for Riverside County, California #general

David Priever

Dear fellow Jewishgenners

Is there anyone out there close to the Riverside County Superior Court
located in Riverside, California who could do a look-up for somebody's
estate record? I would be very happy to swap with any look-ups needed
in New York.

Please respond privately to:


Thank you in advance.


David J. Priever

Queens NY

Researching KLEINBERG, BRUNENGRABER, GELERNTER of Drogobycz, Ukriane
EHRLICH, SELEGAL of Riga and Friedrichstadt/Jaunjelgava, Latvia
PRIEVER/PRIEWER of Krakow and Trzebinia, Poland. GWIRC of Bialystock
Poland. KRONGOLD of Warsaw, Poland. GREENBERG/GRUNBERG of Lukowitza
Bukovina, Poland (I never add my families being researched and
locations in any Jewishgen posting so here it is) =

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