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Re: Yasef Abbeh Falkson and Chippeh Raiseh Silverman.

If you're checking records, it helps to have variations of the name, and/or
the Hebrew given name.
Yasef is Yosef or, in English, Joseph
Abbeh or Abba is Hebrew for father, but is sometimes used as a shortened form
of Abraham/Avraham

Chippeh is probably a variation of Tsipporah, or Zipporah, Tsippi, as my Israeli
cousin calls herself.

Avivah PInski
Wynnewood, PA

On 3/27/2012 2:04 AM, Belarus SIG digest wrote:

Subject: A follow-up to my Falkson surname post.

Hello all. Thank you for the kind responses. I have been shown my
error in thinking that the family name was changed at Ellis Island.>
Family stories, as it seems in this case, can become clouded over the
years. Many have offered assistance with my research, which I kindly
accept, so I will post here additional information I have on my

Avrum Itzhuk is, I believe, the first Falkson of my family in the United States.
>from the ship manifest - arrived 6 Sept 1904 in the port of
New York on the SS Rijndam of the Holland-America Line. He traveled
alone, listed Minsk as his last residence and was to join with a cousin
already in New York. I have difficulty making out the script but it
appears to say, "cousin Myer [unknown character]alpcrious 8 Rulgero
Place New York". Multiple searches of variations of that name and
location have turned up nothing. I have a contact number for the
Holland-America Line that may be able to help me with records >from that
era which I will call during normal business hours.

I also have copies of his Declaration Of Intention, Petition For
Naturalization, and Certificate Of Naturalization. There is no mention
of a different surname on these documents nor is the spelling any
different >from what it currently is. These documents list his birth as
15 Jan 1884 in Minsk and his occupation as a cap maker.

Isadore, as he was known in the United States, settled in Indianapolis,
Indiana by 1908 (the birth of his first child) and married Chia Libbe
Gordon (born 15 July 1891), who went by the name Ida. Ida was born in
Duyd (?) Russia per Isadore's Petition For Naturalization document.
They were married 25 Aug 1907. Ida's year of Immigration varies from
1907 to 1905 on the 1910 and 1930 US Census's respectively. I have not>
found a 1920 census for the family. While living in Indianapolis they> had
three children, Esther, Jack (my grandfather), and Josephine. The family
later moved to Chicago by about 1918. >from a handwritten
family tree produced by my great aunt Esther I know Isadore's parents to
be Yasef Abbeh Falkson and Chippeh Raiseh Silverman.

Thank you all.
Ken Falkson
Cary, IL

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