finding the phantom daughter(Finding a FAERSTEIN relative) #general

Herbert Lazerow

Did the FAERSTEINs have a daughter Doris b. 1914, as listed in the 1930 census, who
was not the informant on Lewis's 1951 Florida death certificate? No sign of Doris
in the online Philadelphia marriage index, and a rare name in the U.S.
1. Doris may never have existed. The census taker might have assumed that someone
else's daughter Doris, living in the FAERSTEIN household, was their daughter.
Or she may be the figment of the imagination of some neighbor who provided
incorrect information to the census taker.
2. Doris may have existed. Places you might find her include:
a. The online Philadelphia marriage index only goes to 1937 when Doris would have
been 23. >from 1928 to 1940, the U.S. experienced a depression. In bad economic
times, people tend to postpone both marrying and divorcing. Perhaps some Genner who
is going to the Orphan's Court in City Hall will look at the marriage indices for
1938-1953 for Doris FAERSTEIN.
b. Marriages are recorded geographically, and one need not marry in the county in
which one lives. I found that a Philadelphia aunt and uncle had eloped to Elkton MD
to marry, and their first (full term) child arrived considerably less than 9 months
thereafter, a fact that was never noted in the medical literature of the time.
c. The Philadelphia birth index is available at the Philadelphia City Archives
through 1915 (I think).Though incomplete (as most people were still born at home
then), it is a resource to try.
d. Philadelphia published city directories through 1935 (though not every year in
the 1930s). She might be listed.
3. Doris might have existed, but might not be the informant on the death
certificate because she predeceased her father, or because she lived elsewhere and
the sister lived in Florida, or because she and her father were estranged.
Herbert Lazerow
San Diego CA U.S.A.

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