ViewMate 21175/6/7 translation request - Polish marriage registration #general


Hello to all,

I will appreciate help with full translation for understanding the event. I've
posted 3 parts of a marriage registration:
1. At - the
bride column: Teme-Rize Turnschein >from Drohobycz was 60 years old.
2. At - the
groom column: Salomon Jakob WILF, born in Drohobycz. was more then 61 years
3. At - the
note column of their marriage registration.

Although I've got one answer already [Thanks, Barbara], I would love to know
whether there is a clue why the couple was so mature at their marriage. Was it
late marriage, or 2nd marriage or late registration? Is there any info about a
child or children, or former marriages?

Thanks and all the best.

Irit Shem-Tov

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