Re: finding the phantom daughter(Finding a FAERSTEIN relative) #general

A. E. Jordan

lazer@... writes:
Did the FAERSTEINs have a daughter Doris b. 1914, as listed in the 1930 census,
who was not the informant on Lewis's 1951 Florida death certificate? No sign of
Doris in the online Philadelphia marriage index, and a rare name in the U.S.

Unlikely the census taker dreamed up the child but the name could be wrong or worse
based on the mistakes that creep into the census.

How about the 1920 Census? Did Philadelphia/Pennsylvania do a 1915 or 1925 census?
Did you look for a 1951 obit in Florida for the father? Did you check the
Pennsylvania death index on the off chance the child died after 1930?

I would not put too much weight on the marriages. She might have eloped or she
might have gotten married outside the Philadelphia area or she might have never

Only have 4 months to wait till the 1940 Census comes out too.

Allan Jordan

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