Re: Tavern keepers #general

Joseph Hirschfield

What you see as "taverns" were likely what we would call "inns." The towns and
villages didn't have hotels, but inns served to house travelers overnight. The
roads were dangerous after dark and travelers were taken by the wagon drivers to
inns which took care of the horses' needs as well as providing rest and food for
the passengers. Of course liquor was available. Since Christians were not allowed
by their church to engage in alcohol products trade, the liquor business was
pretty much a Jewish monopoly.

Joseph Hirschfield
Portage, MI USA
Bienkow, Gliniany, Jaryczow Nowy-GALICIA
MINOFF, MINOWICKI, MINOWITZKI-Brest Litovsk, Wysokae Litovsk-BELARUS writes:
I would appreciate any comments about the fact that there were so many "tavern
keepers" listed in the revision lists. I found many "tavern keepers" in my
grandfather's birth place (Salakas, Lithuania).

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