Re: Tavern keepers #general

Jules Levin

... Since Christians were not allowed
by their church to engage in alcohol products trade, the liquor business was
pretty much a Jewish monopoly.
On the production of alcohol in Poland and Russia, google the history of
distilleries in Tsarist Russia. It is clear that there was never a church
prohibition on producing alcohol. In some cases the church was eager to get in on
the profits. In Moscow the distilleries were a government monopoly. In Poland the
nobility monopolized the production, but gradually they brought in Jews to manage
the trade, and the taverns, because the profits for the nobility were better and
steadier with Jews running the enterprises. There was a prejudice against middle-
man economic activity in Russian culture, but I doubt there was a single general
economic activity that Jews engaged in where there were no Russian competitors.
Is it really conceivable that over the vast stretches of Eastern Europe and the
Russian Empire in places where there were few or no Jews, that a Russian landowner,
soldier, or peasant, could not buy vodka?
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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