Reading / Translation from Hebrew of tombstone on ViewMate #general

JONES Etienne H.L.F.

Hello Dear Readers / Translators !

I've posted a negative red filtered photograph of the Hebrew text (can be
zoomed in) on ViewMate at the following address : . Please
respond via the form provided
in the ViewMate application.

I've almost the whole translation of my 3g-grand-father's Hebrew epitaph
(Lauriston Rd Cem., Hackney, London), a very
worn stone >from 1853. I know everything significant data, just two small
words remain illegible, surely without influence
upon the data but . . I like perfection !
Known reading / translation ( "/" = line separation) : "Here rests / the
honourable man Reuben ben Ihonathan ha-Cohen /
deceased on sunday 24 Av and buried / on tuesday 26 xx in the year 613 of
the small comput / xxx aged 70 years".
Then follows an English text (no photo) : "Solomon Jones / Who Departed
This Life / August 28 a.m. xxxx / Aged 70

The first illegible xx should be "Av" but isn't that clearly, well
possibly Beth-Vav (and not Beth-Nun as on Viewmate, - little
mistaken !), not sure . . An hypothesis was given to me (transliteration)
: "Bo" as abbrev. of Boto BaChodesh " or some-
thing like that for "The same month" . .
The second illegible xxx seems being Zayïn (Vav ?) -Hay-Vav (Yod ?
apostrophe ?), not sure . . could it
signify " this one " or some abbreviation for any deceased qualification ?
Here too an hypothesis was given to me (trans-
literation) : "VeHay ' " as abbrev. of "VeHaïa" for "and he was", abbrev.
avoiding letters for the name of G-d . . .
The third one illegible a.m. year xxxx in the English text should be
1853, I've the death record >from g.r.o. with 1853, Aug 28th,
which well corresponds to 24 Av 5613 : everything consistent here !

Thank you very much for possible confirmation or other comments !

Etienne JONES
searching (in England, Germany, Usa, Netherlands) Selig of EMBDEN, HAMBRO,

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