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Paul Silverstone

I recommend a wonderful Polish film called "Austeria" made in 1982.
Director Jerzy Kawalerowicz, it is about a Jewish inn on the
Austrian-Russian border on the first day of World War I.
The video blurb says,
"On the first day of World War I, a group of Jews flee >from the Cossack
army in Polish Galicia and finds itself trapped overnight in a border
inn. Relationships develop, love affairs are snatched, the religious pray."
The groups include a band of actors, students >from a Yeshiva with rebbe,
and other individuals, all Jews.

Paul Silverstone

On 1/4/2012 8:03 AM, wrote:

I would appreciate any comments about the fact that there were so many
"tavern keepers" listed in the revision lists.
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