JABLONSKY from Nancy, France #general

Janette <janettes@...>

This past week I learned the value of asking the same questions over and
over again. For years a relative has been speaking of her mother
writing to a cousin in France after the war. The French cousin was not
known to any relatives I spoke to but they had all heard the story and
all agreed it was a female cousin. The surname was given to me as
Stein, and Pierre Kogan in France very kindly attempted to track this
person down, but in spite of his seeming to come up with the right
person, it was not. The family kept saying that they knew it was the
mother's family and kept speaking of her maiden name, Stein, in
connection with this hunt. However, this week I learned that in fact
although it was the mother's cousin, the surname was JABLONSKY and she
was living in Nancy, France at least after the was. I know that there
was a Maurice Jablonsky who survived a transport, but I don't know if
this is >from the same family, and if it is, where his descendants (if
any) might be.

Does anyone know of a JABLONSKY family in Nancy, France?

Please respond privately unless you have information which might be of
general interest to the group.

Janette Silverman
Phoenix, AZ

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