Re Source number #general

Sally Bruckheimer

All the fathers that you mention seem to be named Gershon. Are all the
family names the same too?

If the father of each person was Gershon with the same surname, it is possible
that they were all brothers and sisters - assuming that they were mostly born
in different years.

However, it is also possible that all the fathers, Gershon X, were the sons of
differently named men who were the sons (or grandsons) of a previous Gershon X.
I have a case where there were 9 men named the same, all the grandsons of a
previous, illustrious ancestor for whom they were named.

Genealogists do not have an easy time of it. You need to see if there were
earlier records, marriages, whatever records that you can find to figure out
family relationships.

Good luck,

Sally Bruckheimer
Piscataway, NJ

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