Re: RUFEISEN Family Relatives from Germany #general


"Joyce Eastman" <> wrote:
...I am seeking information regarding the family of Ernest Rudolf Hans
RUFEISEN >from Hamburg, Germany, whose family originated >from a small town
in Germany near the Czech border...I believe that there is a good
possibility that they are related to my RUFEISEN ancestors who originally
came >from Poland. It appears that the family of Ernest Rudolf Hans
RUFEISEN emigrated to Brazil >from Hamburg around the time of WWII, and
a branch of this family is still living there. I have living RUFEISEN
relatives in Israel, who are also seeking to find a connection with this
German branch of our family.
With regard to the recent inquiry. I checked the 1939 German census and
found only one RUFEISEN -- Max born February 11, 1907 in Vienna. resident
in Kobbenser, Kreis Stadthagen, Germany.

However, there are more than a dozen persons with that name in the Central
Names Index of the International Tracing Service. Some were born in
Czechoslovakia in Velk Mezirici or Bruenn, while other were born in Poland,
Schare, Lipowa or Milowka. Many of the Czech Rufeisens were sent to
Theresienstadt and then Auschwitz, where some perished--others survived.

Peter Lande
Washington, DC

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