Re: Citizenship in less than 5 years? - Lying bout age #general

Meron Lavie

I have been having an offline correspondence with someone >from the group who
claims these are honest mistakes. However, I have found that the "honest
mistakes" always made the date of immigration earlier and the year of birth
earlier. Were they random, honest mistakes, then you would expect the
mistake to go either way 50% of the time.

The claim was also made that because of the use of the Heberw calendar by
European Jews that they had no knowledge of civil dates. Were that so, how
could they have possibly made it to the ship - whose ticker was obviously a
Gregorian date.

And there are extreme cases, such as my great-grandmother, who shaved about
18 years off her age...

Meron Lavie

AUBREY JACOBUS [mailto:aajacobus@...] wrote:
Meron Lavie finds our forbears lied about their age: truth, like my Polish many didn't know their true age and it varied as necessary
according to circumstances. His birth was never registered and he was the
only one of 4 brothers who did not serve in the Army - coincidence?
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