Re: Citizenship in less than 5 years? - Lying bout age #general

Joseph Hirschfield

It was fairly common to misstate one's age, especially for women and
especially after 1920. An unmarried women in her twenties was already
considered a spinster, an unpleasant appellation. Also some women were older
than their husbands. This was a no no in American culture.

Also with changes in the immigration law after 1920, an unmarried child
over 21 could not be brought to America under his/her father's
naturalization. Frequently married men arrived in the US first, and brought
over their wives and children after establishing a nest egg. Sometimes
there was a delay, such as in my grandfather's case because of WWI and the
Russian revolution, so that by the time the family was available to come
over, it was after 1920 and my grandfather was already a citizen. He could
only bring over unmarried children under 21. Therefore, like dominos, some
of the children's ages were reduced so that even the older ones could be
designated to be less than 21.

Joseph Hirschfield
Portage, MI
Bienkow, Glinyany, Jaryczow Nowy-GALICIA
MINOFF, MINOWICKI-Brest Litovsk, (V)Wysoko-Litovsk-BELARUS

In a message dated 1/24/2012 12:33:40 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
I have been having an offline correspondence with someone >from the group
who claims these are honest mistakes. However, I have found that the "honest
mistakes" always made the date of immigration earlier and the year of birth
earlier. Were they random, honest mistakes, then you would expect the
mistake to go either way 50% of the time.

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