Searching family relationship to Rabbi Samuel Mohilewer #general

Bonnie Pollack <bopollack@...>

I am revisiting this request as I never really got to settle an issue
about my last name. My grandfather Bernard MOGELEVER (Dov Ber) told his children
one of which was my father that after a long discussion with his
grandfather that he decided to go to America instead of Israel.
"He did not want all the Jews in the same place." His grandfather I am told
was Rabbi Samuel MOHILEWER. That is the only clue I have except for the
place David Gorodok which they both shared.

There is also a family story about a Golem like character who beat up
Cossacks in a bar. Anyone I have met with my last name or those claim
connection to this Rabbi tell the same story. Another common clue is
blond to reddish-blond hair. Lots of bits and pieces, and I have
found OTHER relatives making the same search. In Israel they bear the same
name as the Rabbi, in the US they are MOLIVERS.

I made contact with a person in Florida who claimed relationship and
told me that she did not think I was related until I sent her a picture
of my granddaughter. She wrote back that it was her own image as a
young girl.

I would love to have help at Gan Samuel in Israel with researching
my great great grandfather. I have had difficulty reaching them.
My point and my question. Could the Rabbi have been hiding relatives
for any reason, especially sons. And can anyone help me find someone at
Gan Samuel that could guide or help me. I plan to visit Israel next
year to meet my maternal grandfather's only living nephew
Last name Vainer.

Bonnie Mogelever Pollack
Western Maryland, USA

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