Re: SSDI database #general

Thomas Lerman

Personally, I find it useful for several reasons including:
1) One can get a clue of where and about when the social security number
was issued based upon the number.

2) I have found other records based upon the social security number.

3) I usually try to refer to my research as family history rather than
genealogy as I try to gather every little scrap of clue that I can instead
of just names, dates, and places.

You are right about identity theft being rampant. However, the studies that
I have seen is that only an extremely small portion of them occurs
from the SSN being used >from death records. This is small since it is so
easy to determine whether the SSN is valid and personal is living.
I believe this is the reason the SSDI was originally made available. If the
studies are true, then the companies that take the SSN as valid are not
doing their full due diligence in my opinion.

Thomas Lerman
Western USA

Judith Elam <> wrote:
Why is it so important to include the actual SS# with the record?

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