Re: Benjamin Winter #general

Ron Arons


A very simple thing to do would be to look at old articles >from the NY
Times regarding (keywords) 'Benjamin Winter.' For example, I found one
article, "Benjamin Winter States Comeback: Real Estate Operator Who Lost
Millions of Dollars", dated Dec 11, 1932. The article states "He
(Benjamin) was born in Lodz, Poland in 1882. His father was a textile
factory owner at a time when America had become the true land of
opportunity. At the age of 19 (in 1901) he came to New York..."

Another article >from 1926 shows Benjamin was the owner of the Temple
Emanuel building located at 5th Avenue and 43rd Street (prime territory
today!). Yet another article indicates that Benjamin's real estate
fortune was estimated to be worth $40M at some point in time, but he
filed for bankruptcy in Federal Court on in 1937 (the year of the
article), listing liabilities of $8.5M.

There are plenty of other articles about Benjamin and his company.

Good luck.

Ron Arons
Oakland, CA

I'm interested in learning about the father of a possible distant relative
of mine, Benjamin Winter,

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