Rabbi Pinkhas Chernyi #general

Herbert Lazerow

<I am seeking information about Rabbi David Pinkas Chornoy who was in
Monastyrishchi, Kiev Gubernia, in 1851.>

You will find an index to Genrich Deych's "Jewish Religious Personnel in the
Russian Empire 1853-1854" at http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/misc/deych.htm.
The book lists (at page 89, Kiev guberniya #104) a Pinkhas Chernyi as Dukhovnyi
Ravvin (which google translates as "spiritual rabbi"; as opposed to Shaya
Abramovskii, kazzennyi ravvin, which google translates as "official rabbi") of a
congregation at Monastyrishi that includes a synagogue with 2 prayer houses. The
congregation had 580 (presumably male over age 13) members.

Herbert Lazerow
San Diego CA 92110-2492 U.S.A.

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