Petitions for Naturalization (USA) #general

Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

I'm interested in learning the names of the parents of a possible ancestor who
(born in what was then Russia-Poland) became an American citizen in 1906. Does
anyone know what information/data is included in the naturalization-related

During the same era petitions for naturalisations in the UK contained a treasure
trove of information - not only the applicant's name, gender, marital status, and
age; city/country of origin and name of parents and - if married, name of spouse
and minor children; also how long the applicant had been in his adopted country,
his profession and where he worked

Would a petition for naturalization in the US include comparable information.
Someone told me that the ones prior to 1906 were very "skimpy."

Naidia Woolf

Researching (partial list)
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