Re: Thanks to our clever respondents! - and a "cautionary tale" #general

sharon yampell

I just tried Martha'a method on a family member who has been eluding me since
October and it worked - in her father and brother's obituaries it had her name as
Fay/Faye SCHUSTERMAN and it gave two places that she lived. I had just found a man
who I thought could have been a son because he graduated >from HS >from one of the
previously mentioned towns and his name started with the same first letter of her
father's name, only problem he didn't spell SCHUSTERMAN with a "c". I took out the
"u" in the last name and used a "e" and chose the soundex option... it worked!!
found Faye without a "c" in here last name, Social Security records confirmed it
was her since her number was issued in New jersey! Thank you to Martha and to all
of you who daily somehow help me learn more about my family!!
Sharon F. YampellVoorhees, NJ Researcher 128890

From: @MarthaF
I just made a trial to see just how hard it really is to find this particular
information - pretty nearly impossible if you accept the search engines' concepts
of "a reasonable alternative"! The person in question was named Naomi Schecter/
Shechter born in 1904 in England (London more precisely). We know the parents'
first names. But nothing useful> comes up despite hundreds of "returns".
Now. Change that "T" in the last name to an "L"...... and bingo! you have it!
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