Re: What was "proper mourning"/remarriage in NY in 1886? #general

Meron Lavie

My paternal great-grandfather remarried after about 8 months. We're talking about
the 1880's here - men couldn't fry an egg then and would have no idea how to handle
a small child. Having small children would in and of itself be a reason to remarry
quickly - for the children's own good. I have no indication that he was shunned or
was in any way looked askance at, and he was religious. His brother waited about a
ear to remarry, but since he couldn't take care of his children single, he placed
the children in an orphanage.

In theory, I believe one is "supposed" to wait a year, but if there was none to
feed the children, this might have been ignored.

Meron Lavie

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I am researching a Jewish family in New York in the 1800s. If I got it
right with the right certificates: The husband's first wife dies at age 37 while
they are living on Eldrige Street. She dies on March 28, 1886 and leaves behind
several young children. The husband then remarries on July 4, 1886.

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