Re: What was "proper mourning"/remarriage in NY in 1886? #general


In Oxford, England,Salina LEVI, the wife of Israel Moses LEVI, died on 26 March
1872. He married, as his second wife, Sarah HARRIS, on 11 September 1872. They
married in a London synagogue, undoubtedly because that was her synagogue but they
continued to live in Oxford, where he died in 1890.

Harold Pollins

Aejordan@... writes:
The husband's first wife dies at age 37 while they are living on Eldrige Street.
She dies on March 28, 1886 and leaves behind several young children. The husband
then remarries on July 4, 1886. That would make his second marriage less than
four months after the first wife dies.

Do you think he would have remarried that quickly and if so do you think he
would have been shunned by the community for not observing a proper period of

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