Re: Pennsylvania Death Indices 1906-1961 - Use Russell Soundex #general

Anna Reuter <anna94306@...>

Dear Cousins:

My Thanks to Dennis Gries for letting us know that Pennsylvania now has a
Death Index posted by year on the Web. 1906-1961 by year. It is Not
Alphabetical by Surname.

Calculate the Russell Soundex Code before you attempt a search. It will
save a lot of time and frustration. Instructions for Russell Soundex are on
the Web Site. Dennis mentioned it in his email.


Anna Reuter
Palo Alto, CAlifornia, USA

"dennis gries" <dgries@...> wrote

I earlier posted a news message with a link, and I have learned that my cut
and paste >from the PAHR-Access site required some extra steps.
This takes one directly to the Death Index years selection page:

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