Re: Ethical Issue, Leukemia (AML) & the Austro-Hungarian Empire: Mezokeresztes & Khust #general

Roberta Sheps

I don't think there's any question about the ethical issue. Of course we
should register; the Jewish obligation overrides any issues.

But there is a practical question. I don't know what the procedure is in
the USA; I live in England and suspect that the procedure will not be the
same as we have a National Health System which will have its own rules and
procedures. The procedure may be different in all countries. Cost may not
be the problem.

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England

From: karen roekard [mailto:roekard@...]

... it is possible that in addition to finding the names of our ancestors
and in addition to finding out more about their lives, in addition to
finding out more about their shtetlach, in addition to cleaning up their
cemeteries & collecting the remaining pieces of matzavot (gravestones)
from around the towns, in addition to putting up memorials to lost
communities, we might also be able to offer folks - distant, distant
as-yet-unknown relatives, right now! - the gift of life merely by doing
the simple act of registering with a bone marrow registry.
The question then arises: do we have an ethical responsibility as Jewish
genealogists to register?

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