Re: GOLDBERG correct ship manifest #general


For years I searched for the manifest for my grandmother, Anna GOLDBERG,
finding many Anne, Ann & Annie GOLDBERGs that just did not fit the time or
age or include her son Leo, who I knew came with her. I reached out to this
list about 5 years ago and in 5 min, using the gold form,
someone found her by just using just GOLDBERG and looking for a mother and
son traveling together the year I was told she arrived.
Her name was listed as Chane and Leo was Levi. The ages, year fit - her
"relative" here in US was listed as her husband - the right name. Anna was a
more Americanized name for Chane and Leo was a variation of Levi, but I
didn't know that. My points are, do not give up. Ask for specific help, and be
open to the year or name being something less obvious or "known" >from
family stories, which tend to change with time and telling.
Also - being just one year off - try the gold form anyway. Look for Louis
by just first name L . Louis is spelled many ways. Maybe the year is not
right? My grandfather's naturalization form was off by 2 years of his actual
arrival. Are you sure they came through Ellis Island - or was it Baltimore?
I have read some passengers stayed aboard the SS Friesland and went past
NY in some cases. Whoever gave you the info - even a knowledgeable member -
may not have the right person. How do you know? Bernie and Louis are very
common GOLDBERG names, like my Anna. I am not being negative - just trying
to show how important it is not to "assume" anything.

Carolyn GOLDBERG /Berg Rutherford
Batavia, (Cincy), Ohio USA
formerly of Milwaukee, Wisconsin!/CMR_Gen

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