INGBER Deportation Date #general

Fritz Neubauer

Elizabeth wrote:

In looking at the Lodz Ghetto database, I find the following:

INGBER, Ita 12/01/1895 F Lodz, Poland (original address)
11 Listopada 7 (ghetto address) Altmarkt 12 Flat 8 13/09/1942 /
AUSG Hausfrau

Dear Elizabeth,
just in case you are not aware what the information
"13/09/1942 / AUSG" means: In September 1942 children and elderly or
infirm inhabitants of the Lódz ghetto were selected by the German
guards, taken to Chelmno (AUSG = Ausgang) and murdered there, this
period is also known as "Gehsperre", i.e. posters announced that
people were not allowed to leave their houses until the selection.

With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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