Burial of a suicide? #general

Martha Forsyth

I have in hand a death certificate for a Wolf Davinsky, who jumped >from
a 6th floor roof to his death in Brooklyn, NY in February of 1922.
Death certificate specifies that he was buried in "New Mt Carmile Cemt"
on 21 Feb 1922. However - a search for "New Mt Carmile" cemetery leads
me insistently to "New Mount Carmel" Cemetery in Queens/Brooklyn, and
they firmly deny all knowledge of him. On a hunch, I tried simply
"Mount Carmel" cemetery - nothing comes up via their web page, either (I
have not tried calling them). I did try some variant spellings of
"Davinsky" (and completely omitted a first name in the cemetery search)
- stilll nothing.

Might it have made a difference that he was a suicide? Still - he had
to have been buried SOMEWHERE, and SOMEONE should have records for it.


Martha (Schecter) Forsyth
Newton, MA

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