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Martha (Schecter) Forsyth <@MarthaF> wrote:

I have in hand a death certificate for a Wolf Davinsky, who jumped >from
a 6th floor roof to his death in Brooklyn, NY in February of 1922.
Death certificate specifies that he was buried in "New Mt Carmile Cemt"
on 21 Feb 1922... New Mount Carmel" Cemetery in Queens/Brooklyn, and
they firmly deny all knowledge of him....>

I have two stories which may provide some insight and then an observation:

1. My husband's great-aunt died >from an infection due to an abortion in 1918.
[Not as bad as a suicide but scandalous nonetheless.] There was an autopsy.
She was buried by her husband at Mount Carmel Cemetery but the body was
later exhumed and reinterred by her brothers at their family's plot at
Acacia Cemetery. For both burials, Karl Meyer was the undertaker of record.
Mount Carmel has no record of the original burial.

2. My father's cousin, a child who died at 4 years of age >from injuries
sustained >from being hit by a car, was buried somewhere in Mt. Hebron
when he died in 1921. There was an autopsy for this death as well.
When the family took "under contract" a large plot at Mt. Lebanon, they had
his body moved there in 1922. Per conversation with cemetery office staff -
this was not unusual. Mt. Hebron has no record of the original burial.

On the interment search page for Mount Carmel Cemetery, I found 44 burials
for February 1922 and only 1 for February 21.


I wonder what Florence Divinsky's death certificate says. I have never heard
of a mix-up of this sort - but I always say 'Never say never."

Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

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