Burial of a suicide? #general

Martha Forsyth

Thank you to the many kind souls who have found Wolf Davinsky (d. 20 Feb
1922, buried the following day) on findagrave.com
But, sad to say, that doesn't help. Although that IS the Wolf Davinsky
I'm looking for, the memorial page was put up by the person who got me a
copy of Wolf's death certificate and so far New Mt. Carmile Cemetery
(whom both of us have called, me with the actual copy of the death
certificate in hand) has been unable to find him there. The woman even
searched by death/burial date (and did not mention the child Florence
Divinsky who was buried there about the same time - no relationship that
we know of).

So I"m still looking. My next step is to send the cemetery a copy of
the certificate, and see if that will help in any way.

Martha (Schecter) Forsyth
Newton< MA

My original message:
I have in hand a death certificate for a Wolf Davinsky,
who jumped >from a 6th floor roof to his death in Brooklyn, NY
in February of 1922. Death certificate specifies that he was buried
in "New Mt Carmile Cemt" on 21 Feb 1922. However - a search for
"New Mt Carmile" cemetery leads me insistently to "New Mount Carmel"
Cemetery in Queens/Brooklyn, and they firmly deny all knowledge of him.
On a hunch, I tried simply "Mount Carmel" cemetery - nothing comes up
via their web page, either (I have not tried calling them). I did try
some variant spellings of "Davinsky" (and completely omitted a first name
in the cemetery search) - stilll nothing.

Might it have made a difference that he was a suicide? Still - he had to
have been buried SOMEWHERE, and SOMEONE should have records for it.

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