VOLKOSTAVSKY family origins #belarus

Gene Golovchinsky

I am researching the VOLKOSTAVSKY family who emigrated to Argentina >from
the Pruzhany Uezd around 1901. This page
lists the VOLKOSTAVTSER family, who are the people I am researching.
Among the things I don't know about them is where exactly they came >from
before the emigration. Recently, I came across a Belarussian blog post
that mentioned the village Volkostavets in the Pruzhany area
(http://pda.sb.by/post/103843/ -- the Russian-language article is about
a road they are building in that area), and I was wondering if the
people I am researching might have lived in this village.

Unfortunately, a place-name search on JewishGen did not turn up any
similar names. A search on Google maps yielded "Vaukastaviec, Brest
Province, Belarus" which seems similar enough, and is in the right area.
But again, this name is not known to JewishGen.

Does anyone have any idea
1) How long this village has existed?
2) Are there any Jewish-related records for it?
3) Should I be writing to the Grodno archive for this, or are there
other (more accessible?) sources?
4) What other questions should I be asking?

Gene Golovchinsky, Menlo Park, CA
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