Extended Brest Litovsk family #general

Jack Kaufman

Greetings Jenners:

Information I've received >from sisters, have-sisters and cousins
have revealed that the family I'm researching had lots of cousins in
the Brest Litovsk area. There are now many family names I'm seeking
to try to rebuild the history of the overall family.

In the WEINBERG family, we know of Miriam, Mollie, Sonia AND Sara,
probably the children of Bubbila BECKLUTUFF and Julius WEINBERG,
who owned a bakery, possibly in Brest Litovsk. The best estimate of
birth dates I can offer is approx. 1890 +/-.

Sonia married Haiman ROSENTHAL (OR ANASHEVITZ), Haiman came to the US
with his family, estimated about 1900+/-. Sonia came to the US in
1908-1910, we think we have her ships manfest but cannot find anything
for Haiman.

Miriam married Schlome KUPCHIK (SP?) and had 4 children, 2 survived.
Schlome, born in Kamenetz, Russia in 1883, emigrated to the US in
1913, landing in Galveston. Miriam, Masha AND Moishe came to the US
in 1920, landing in New York. The family them took the name KAUFMAN.

There was a sister to Haiman ROSENTHAL named Sarah who married Sam
SHAPIRO. They had a son Allen, whom at my last possible contact,
left New Jersey and married in the UK while in the military. My guess
is that Allen should now be in his mid 70's. I am working on finding

The name Aaron and Sylvia SHULMAN also pops up, also a cousin. lived
in Miami Beach.

Mollie WEINBRG, landed in 1917 in the US (Seattle) and married Max
KLEBER. Max had a sister Lena. Mollie and Max had 2 sons, Lena
had at least 1 daughter that I know of.

Other cousins that have come to light are the Nathan and Fannie
(WEINBERG) KLESSMAN family and the Joe and Sophie (WEINBERG) POLSTER
family, all of South Euclid, OH. I am in contact with Jackie
POLSTER, daughter of Joe and Sophie. Fanny and Sophie were twins.

Another cousin whose name pops up is that of DR. jacob and Rose REICHER.
Rose was also a WEINBERG, JACOB practiced medicine in New York City,
I think mostly in Brooklyn.

Many of the family lived in Cleveland and New York City.

The SHAPIRO family may have had other children, whose names may be
Isadora Rosenthal or Ida or Anashevitz, possibly 4 children, Lew,
Phillip, Sam, and Sylvia who might have married Aaron and had 2
daughters and a son.

The main focus of this search is for the history of the ROSENTHAL,

If anyone can help, I would love to hear >from you.

Best regards,

Jack Kaufman
Las Vegas

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