Searching: Sonia SONKIN, Petrovichi, Belarus #belarus


I'm helping my neighbor and friend, Boris Gurevich, to find his
relatives in US.
He and his parents and gp were all born in Belarus.
He is searching his lost relatives in US, on his late mother's side.
Her name: Sonia SONKIN - was born in shtetl Petrovichi, Smolensk
region, around 1923.
It was Belarus, then changed to Ukraine and so forth.
HER father's name was Boruch(Boris), mother - Esfir or Esther.
Her grandfather was a Rabbi, named possibly David.
During 1917 revolution, her GF or GM transferred half of his/her
children to US, but came back to Belarus.
two sisters were taken by the germans to be shot.
Sonia managed to escape, joined one the most famous partisan groups
under the the command of Fedorov, fought all the years, and received
numerous medals for bravery. After the war Sonia married Boris Gurevich's
father - Itzhak Gurevich, also >from Petrovichi, who was a military man
all his life, and for this reason nobody knew about her relatives in US.
if the name SONKIN sounds familiar to somebody, I'll be glad to hear.

Zalman Lazkowicz
Netanya, Israel

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